Red Cameras

Keep. That. Off. Your. Photography. Business. Instagram. Account.

There’s basically two kinds of people on Instagram – people who are there for the fun, and people who are there representing a business. 


If you DO have lots of real friends on Instagram and have a 21st-century family glued to smartphones, then should definitely keep a separate Instagram account just for them. 
Your customers and blog readers don’t need to see 25 pictures of your baby, your dog, your new purse, your lunch, or that weird lady you took a snap of at Walmart.

Keep. That. Off. Your. Business. Account.

Does that mean you should never share family photos? Of course not! People love to peek behind the scenes. But not all the time :) 


A professional / business Instagram account needs to be laser-focused on YOUR CUSTOMER / CLIENTS / POTENTIAL CLIENTS or reader (for bloggers). 

It’s not about you. It’s about them.

Unless you’re a celebrity, no one’s going to care if you went to the dentist today. Ok, maybe if you’re a blogger and wrote a great piece about dental health …

But for the rest of us, a business photography account is all about serving your followers and clients. It’s about sharing information with them and showing them why they need your awesome skills and products. Be a SME (Subject Matter Expert). You want to entertain your followers with pretty pictures and inspire them with words of wisdom. You don’t want to bore them with vacation photos.

Want to "Live The Impossible" & "Win On Purpose" then its time to step up your business accumen on instagram. 


Red is known for making ultra high resolution cinema camera systems with vaguely menacing names like Weapon and Dragon. As of today, they’re also in the smartphone business.

Red’s first foray into the smartphone market is the Hydrogen One, which the company plans to ship in the first quarter of 2018.

Details are rather vague at this point but the big selling point of the Hydrogen One appears to be its 5.7-inch display, which can playback not just 2D content but holographic “four-view” content, 3D video without glasses and augmented reality.

The phone will run on the Android operating system. Red says it will also run a proprietary audio algorithm to convert stereo sound into multichannel audio.

Like Red’s cinema cameras, the Hydrogen One will be modular with a high-speed bus to support forthcoming accessories. The phone can also double as a monitor and interface for Red Scarlet, Epic and Weapon camera systems.

The Hydrogen One will have a USB-C connection and a microSD card slot. Of all the specs Red mentioned in its release, there’s no word about the phone’s camera or imaging capabilities. It’s primarily being hyped as a high-quality media playback device.

Red plans two versions of the phone, one in aluminum for $1,195 and the other in Titanium for $1,595–though they note that those prices are subject to change.