Nikon D850 Will Be the Last Camera You'll Ever Need [Rumor]


Nikon let us down softly with a barely a glimmer of information Tuesday as it announced development of the D850, but gave little additional information. Between yesterday and today, NikonRumors received leaked photos of the D850 and shared some specifications the camera should feature. Many of these are in line with what we expected from previous rumors, but there are some additional surprises that are sure to impress even the most cynical-minded.

We already knew the Nikon D850 was rumored to have a higher-resolution 45-46-megapixel sensor, improved low-ISO and high-ISO performance, a new version of SnapBridge, tiltable LCD screen, dual memory card slots (one SD, one XQD), and the autofocus system from the D5. But now, according to NikonRumors, we learn that the D850 will shoot faster than 8 fps. What this means exactly is still unclear.

The D850 could feature a DX sports mode that shoots 9-10 fps, but slows down to a more reasonable 3-5 fps at full resolution. Or it could shoot full-frame, full-resolution shots at this rate. With the additional information that this body will also handle 4K using the entire area of the sensor, the D850 is quickly becoming the camera fanboys have dreamed of. No longer would photographers need to sacrifice high-speed shooting for high-megapixel output. It simply wouldn't matter anymore. With the added improvements to the low- and high-end ISO performance, the D850 would handle literally everything.

One of the best parts of these updates is also the clearly visible upgrade to the body style itself. Indeed, it seems the D850 will feature the same style body as the recently released D5 and D500 cameras, complete with improved button layouts, back-lit buttons, and top-end weather sealing. This will be a camera built into a truly professional body (and one without a first-generation, potentially finicky hybrid viewfinder either, if the rumors are to be believed).

Of course, price is something we're hearing very little about. All of these fancy features will certainly come at a cost. Surely, this is quickly becoming a camera that could easily be sold for north of $4,000.

Head over to NikonRumors for the pictures, where you can see the articulating LCD and the light-up buttons, or for the latest details on the D850 features