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3 Key Things to Remember for 2019 New Year Goals

There is nothing more powerful than putting pen to paper to get all your thoughts and ideas out of your head.


2019 is here and will be over before you know it. I’m not really big on New Year’s Resolutions, cause we often make them lofty and unrealistic goals that we tend to break within the first 30 days of the year. What I am into, is goal setting each year. In fact, I’m so obsessed with goal setting that I set goals according to the importance for my business and the ease of obtainability. Meaning, I set Short Term, Intermediate, and Long Term Goals. I do think as a business owner, that you MUST start each year with a plan. I also made some helpful printable worksheets to go along with this post and podcast. They will be available at the end of this blog for download.

Here are a few tips for goal setting that I think will help you. These are proven techniques I have learned from my mentors that help me reach my goals over and over again.

1. Write goals down for the year.

I like to write down my goals for the year. I break down my goals within the level of importance, and obtainability. Meaning, I break down my goals into “Short Term”, “Intermediate”, and “Long Term” time frames to obtain them. I like to write down my key phrase for the year, which for 2019 is “Level Up”, and then dream of all the things I want to incorporate around that phrase. I also incorporate things I want to stop doing, you know those unproductive habits we all have.

  • Short Term - Those goals that take anywhere from a couple of weeks to 3 months to implement and obtain such as Starting An Email Newsletter

  • Intermediate - Those goals that take 3 - 9 months to implement and obtain such a Brand Makeover.

  • Long Term - Those goals that take 9 months or longer to implement and obtain, and you may not obtain them at all in one year. They are loft goals, that give you something huge to strive for, like Doubling Your Business Revenue.


2. Create new solutions to problems or behavior you want to change.

I like to create a plan and a deadline to change patterns of behavior that don’t serve me or the business. For example, I want to stop riding the trend wave 2019, and be my authentic voice for my business. In order to accomplish this goal, I know I need to create some new habits to help me break my thought and habit patterns.

My action steps are to do more personal work that serves my creative voice more and put my work out there weekly in front of my current audience, while developing a new audience base.. My deadline to accomplish this by is March 1st 2019. Plenty of time to make this a new habit of mine.

Writing out my goals and intentions for the year and the action steps to solving problems I currently face helps me plan out my days.

3. Plan out your day. Take it one day at a time.

I like to map out what each day looks like so I can properly management my time for myself and my business. In addition to that, I like to give myself 3 things I need to accomplish each day to move me closer to my goals.

When it comes to accomplishing your goals, it is important to review them every 30 days to make sure you are staying on track.

An important side note…

  • Set goals that are realistic and attainable.

  • Make goals that are measurable. Get specific.

  • Accountability is important. Try getting a partner to set goals with. Someone to help hold you accountable or someone to check in with to make sure you are staying on track.

To help you get started on the right path in 2019, I made you a FREE Goal Setting Action Plan.

•• For More on 3 Key Things to Remember for 2019 New Year Goals, listen to The Creative Lens Podcast!!