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Capture One 12 - The Best C1 Pro Ever!!


Traditionally, when a new software is announced, everyone in general tends to be excited only to install it and realize it’s not entirely the upgrade they expected. Also it’s usually a

update (nothing is ever FREE)…. I’m happy to announce that with Capture One Pro 12, follows that same rule of thumb! It's not FREE, unless you purchased C1 Pro 11 after November 1st.. then you are the lucky one!

Phase One has blown us out of the water with this new version and I highly recommend giving it a whirl.

I just downloaded mine today, and you should too! I don’t think this will replace my Lightroom use, but it’s a great companion tool. I use this tool on many of my major projects and I use Lightroom for other purposes such as “batches”.


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Use coupon code AMBCOC10 at checkout