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Instagram Shuts Down Bot Service, Instagress

Instagram - 1, Instagress - 0, as Instagram Shuts Down Bot Service

Score one for authentic interaction. This past week, Instagress, a prominent Instagram bot service, folds after being "requested" to do so by Instagram...or should I say forced closed by a Social Media Powerhouse.

It's no lie that bot services have become a real issue on Instagram and other social media platforms. If you spend any time on the platform, you've undoubtedly received one of those generic comments and/or follow/unfollows.  Does automating your posting platform, diminishes the authenticity or brand value of the platform?

Organic vs Automating has been a battle since the beginning of social media.  Instagress was one such service, but as of last week, visitors to the site will be greeted with a page that indicates it has been shut down by request from Instagram along with an offer to subscribers to request a refund. There are numerous such services out there, and it remains to be seen if this is part of a larger effort by Instagram to clear the platform of such services. Such an effort to combat bots and fake followers would present a major shift in many users' experience with the app.