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Speak Like A Rich Photographer


by Bradford Rowley


Mark Victor Hansen has sold over 500 million books, more than almost anyone in history for non-fiction. While preparing to go on stage one day giving a motivational program with the legendary Tony Robbins, he asked Tony, “Tony…..How come you make so much more money than me?”

Tony Robbins then asked the question, “Who do you mastermind with?”

Mark replied, “Everyone I mastermind with makes at least one million dollars a year.”

Tony Robbins then replied, “Everyone I mastermind with makes at least one billion dollars a year!”

Who we surround ourselves with makes a huge difference. I have heard it said that if you tell me how much your five closest friends make, I’ll tell you how much you make.

One of the reasons I prefer not to belong to many photography groups and instead focus on a core group of ultra-high achievers in a mastermind environment is because it puts me in a different state of mind of what’s possible.

Below is a list of comments I have heard from photographers over the years and especially lately that I find toxic for success and a contrast to what I hear from people I mastermind with.

As in all of my articles, when I point out something wrong, I also give a solution or the flip side which I believe points in the direction of success….


1. Cheap photographers are ruining the industry.

2. I am in it for the art not the money.

3. I’m going to spend my money to buy the latest equipment.

4. It’s impossible to get rich in photography.

5. People will never spend that amount of money.

6. Clients don’t see my worth.

7. My clients insist on getting their images on a CD.

8. There should be some protection like professional licensing for our industry.

9. I hate selling.

10. I am up till 2 a.m. working on photoshop.

11. You can’t make the same amount of money in photography that you could 15 years ago.

12. We are in a recession right now.

13. All the photographers I know say business is down.

14. I just hope I can last a little bit longer in this industry until I retire.

15. I don’t trust anyone in my business but me.


1. I run my studio as a business.

2. I carefully spend my money on marketing that brings in massive amounts of clients.

3. The photography business is one of the best kept secrets there is.

4. I differentiate myself so entirely from cheap photographers that they have no affect on me.

5. Photographers can make more money than physicians if they are savvy.

6. Spending at least a few thousand dollars on a piece of art which is a representation of that which is most precious to people is a very reasonable expectation.

7. I carefully brand myself in a very calculated way which helps me command top dollar.

8. I never let any portrait leave my studio which isn’t finished in the most exquisite way and with full artistry. My clients understand and respect me more because of it.

9. Because I make an amazing living, I can afford to enjoy my love of photography on vacations all over the world.

10. I assume 100% responsibility for my success as well as my failures.

11. My work immediately communicates professional.

12. I feel passionate about my work and relish the opportunity to sell it.

13. I hire specialist to assist me in production so I can spend time expanding my business and taking it to the next level.

14. With all the new technologies, there has never been an easier time to make money in photography.

15. If there is a recession, I won’t participate in it.

16. I surround myself with positive and successful individuals.

17. I want to make as much as I can from my profession to provide an amazing life for my family and to be able to make a difference by donating to worthy causes. The world is a better place because of my success and the amazing heirlooms I provide my clients.



Bradford Rowley is perhaps the most expensive portrait photographer in the United States with an impressive list of prominent clientele. He operates studios in New York, California and on world famous Worth Avenue in Palm Beach. He has made over 20 million dollars from selling portraits. He has taught photographers from more than 40 countries. He currently resides in Connecticut with his wife and youngest child. You can see more on his site here, and his facebook here. This article was originally published here and shared with permission.