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Automated Photo Studio Shoots Video and Stills Without a Fashion Photographer

StyleShoots Live let's fashion stylist & model shoot multi-platform content on their own without a Fashion Photographer on set. 

The world's first "smart studio". See how StyleShoots Live redefines the way brands can capture stills and video of their models and lifestyle shoots using a revolutionary photography system that doesn't need a Fashion Photographer. Learn more at

As a pro, I have enough to worry about in this "everyone’s-a-photographer age", a Dutch company called StyleShoots has created a robotic machine that can cut fashion photographers out of the picture completely. The new StyleShoots Live machine allows a stylist, a makeup artists, a hair stylist and model capture video and stills, without the use of a fashion photographer. This photo booth on steroids allows anyone to control lighting, backgrounds, camera movement and motion, editing (I'm assuming they are cutting the Digi Tech out as well), and other creative aspects through the use of a built-in iPad.  Export finished files can be produced in a wide array of formats via 4K video or high-resolution photos.

The StyleShoots Live incorporates a Canon EOS-1D X Mark II with a Canon EF 24–105mm f/3.5–5.6 IS STM lens, along with 12 high-CRI LED panels custom made by Rotolight and a white sided reflector for bounce and a black side for shadow. A 12.9-inch Apple iPad Pro serves as the control panel, while an embedded Mac Pro processes all of the data using proprietary software. 

StyleShoots isn't going to put fashion photographers out of business, but this cyborg studio can let creative directors from brands pump out a whole lot of photographic content with very little help and minimum budget constraints. It can let enterprising and innovative studio photographers automate their process without the use of an assistant.