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VERO, The New No Nonsense Social Media Platform!

If you have totally fallen off the face of the earth, the “new” Social Network VERO – True Social has risen overnight to mainstream with many photographers and bloggers all across the stratosphere overnight. Take your usual leisure stroll on your favorite social media platform, no matter if it's Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and you will see a post of at least one person telling you to sign up for the newest social media craze, VERO!  

What is Vero you ask? How many social media platforms do we need in this already cluttered & noisy world of social media? But more importantly, why has it became popular over night? In this blog post, I will answer all these questions.   I will also give you a comprehensive look at this new social media platform, how it works, and give you a peek on how to make the most of it for your brand building.


It's very clear its a social media network, from the 1st moment you log into the app with a similar feel to the already popular Instagram & Facebook platforms. Vero is a great place to connect with others who share similar interest and likes, engage with people and other influencers who are in the same circles as you, share knowledge, and more importantly gain knowledge and communicate with others.  With it gain in popularity in the last few weeks, Vero is not a new platform.  It was originally introduced in 2015 to the public but had slow traction with the onsight on the giant beast of a platform of Instagram.  Vero, even though has been starting out a slow pace like a locomotive, it has gain momentum the last couple of years to emerge as a true player in the social media image sharing space.  


It may look and feel like Instagram...but in reality, there is quite a bit that makes this new emergence of Vero different from any other social media platform around.  It is truly a force in it's own right.

YES!!!  NO ALGORITHMS... say it with me "NO ALGORITHMS"

The most important different, if not the biggest if you ask me, between Vero and all the other players in this market of social media platforms is that the Vero Network doese not use algorithms to determine who and what content your following sees, you truly are the controller of the fate of your content.  With no algorithm, in essence, you will always see the content being shared by those you chose to follow or that have chose to follow you and your content.

For people like myself who business marketing thrives on social media, that is a huge deal. The recent changes to Facebook & Instagram’s algorithms, the organic reach of most posts have dropped by more then 30% in the last last month. As a fulltime fashion photographer, that decrease in eyeballs on my work and educational content can effect the bottom line.  With no algorithms, you can see why everyone is flocking to this new platform.

NO ADS - No Explanation needed!!!

No Explanation needed here....but if you do, then just understand you are not targeted by the Big Corps and their marketing efforts.  Nor will you surf Amazon, and return back to Vero and be mind-fucked to see all the things your just surfed on Amazon mysteriously appearing on your newsfeed. 


The most sounding complaint by many photographers that use instagram is the cropping of the photos into the platform required 4x5 ratio for portraits or the standard 1x1.  Vero doesn't have that restraint.  You an upload the full image in landscape or portrait orientation without a problem.

First 1,000,000 USERS ARE FREE .....for life...supposedly!  

We all know, FREE is NEVER FREE!  So it will be interesting to see how Vero will monetize this platform.  I'm assuming they will offer up a subscription base model or make you purchase the app once they give away their 1MM FREE profiles.  I guess they will $.99 their way to a million dollar company.  



With the ever over crowding of the Social Media landscape, and the competitive nature of all these platform, we are dying for a much needed change to the status quo.  And it seems Vero maybe that answer.  


If your day to day is to develop the best content as possible, and engage others of like minds and ideals, Vero is the way to go.  This easy as ABC platform with total control of engagement is truly a game changer for content producers in the age where Instagram & Facebook has reduced the number of eyes viewing your hard earn and produced content.  Will it survive and thrive, or will it be just a wave in the ocean of social media platforms... time will tell.  Until then take a moment and sign up, and put your best content out there to make the connections of new fans of your work!  ~ #WinOnPurpose